About Us :

The institute of Transport was Found in London on 3rd November 1919 by a group of senior transport professionals to improve transport efficiency,eanable transport integration and encourage talent development in the transport industry as they saw the failures of moving goods and vehicles during the first world war. It was granted the royal charter in 1926 by his highness king George v of England with himself as the patron and the prince of wales asthe Honorary president.The institute grew in importance and influence across the world.Queen Elixabeth II renamed it as the chartered institute of Transport 1971. In 2001 merging with the leading professional logistics body,it became chartered institute of logistics and Transport international.The institute grew in importance and influence across the world and territorial organizations in eleven countries were established. It is a global membership organization integrating professionals from the transport and logistics sector who contribute improving the art and science of logistics to Transport and influence and shape government policies. The chartered institute of logistics & Transport is the leading professional body associated with logistics and transport.CILT is an internaional organization with branches in 30 countries of the world with over 30,000 members worldwide.It has 11 Territories

The principal objective of CILT(Pakistan) is to encourae art and science of logistics and transport in Pakistan through its membership and education and training.

The chartered institute of logistics & Transport pakistan,CILT(Pakistan) Conducts one major event each year in the form of seminor / Conference at national and international level on a subject of transport or logistics. The institute also arranges professional visits,lecturers,annual dinner and msical programs. Our members take part in international convention whic is attended by members,their family and friends.

The Benifits of CILT Membership are s under:
(a)CILT Members are preferred for jobs in logistics and transport sector in pakistan and overseas.
(b) Pakistan Railways offers 50% concession by ACC Sleeper to CILT Members.
(c) Special fee concession is offered for courses conducted under the umbrella of CILT(pakistan) to its members and their families.
(d) Membership offers oppertunities for interaction with logistics and transport professionals and making contribution for improvement of sector.
(e) Access to a library held by th uk institutes of logistics and Transport is available to members,separate payments are required for slective research or copies of papers depending upon the level of detail.
(f) Lectures,presentations of paper,Meetings,Visits and conventions are regularly arraned by National Independent Territories and sections and are open to members regardless of their place of work or residence. Visiting members are also welcomed.
(g) Receive periodic issue of Magazin published by CILT international.