The chartered institute of Transport Pakistan (CILT - Pakistan) branch was established in 1977.It was renamed as the chartered institute of logistics and Transport pakistan (CILT - pakistan) in line with CILT-International.The president of pakistan is the patron in chief of CILT pakistan and he granted Charter presidential Charter for functioning it in pakistan .year 1944 CILT-Pakistan has offices in all its major cities e.g Karachi,Lahore,Islamabad,Peshawar and Quetta.Currently it has more than 1400 members in its various grades from every sector of the logistics and transport industry.with the growth of logistics and transport sector in pakistan.It was declared as one of the CILT International Territorial Organization out of 11 territorial oraganizations formed in various parts of the world. CILT(Pakistan) center was established in 1977 with initial membership of 64 persons only.CILT(Pakistan) Coucil consist of Council Headquarters and metropolitan section at karachi and section each at lahore,RawalpindI/Islamabad,Peshawar and Quetta.Membership of CILT pakistan ason 31th July,2017 is as under:
(a) Logistics 673
(b) Air 96
(c) Sea 278
(d) Rail 73
(e) Road 247
(f) Other Categories 167
Membership provides a professional identity to those in the logistics and transport sector,as well as international recognition.The institute's professional Qualfications and educate not only those already in the sector,but also those wishing to enter into it. The institute is represented worldwide with territories,independent sections and institute Branches.Each territorial organization is in its own right, a separate oraganization representing the chartered institute of logistics & Transport international in their territory.They all share the common cause of achieving the institute's primary objective. The chartered institute of logistics and transport is an organization that you can join as individual independent of employment. The institute of logistics is able to provide members with a new of career continuity.