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About CILT International

Together we’re shaping the future of Logistics & Transport from over 100 years.
Recognized globally as the first choice for the professionals body of supply chain, logistics & Transport.

Historical Background

Founded in 1919 with a mission to improve industry practices and nurture talent. We have a global family of over 35,000 members in over 50 countries that we help support throughout their careers. The CILT is the leading professional body which was granted the Royal Charter in 1926, by HH King George V of England with himself as the Patron and the Prince of Wales as the Honorary President. Dedicated to giving individuals and organisations access to the tools, the knowledge and the connections vital to success in the logistics and transport industry from last more than 100 year.

Why you need to get to know us!

Transport and logistics are now key enablers for today world’s economic development and prosperity. They dictate how you get to your destination, how you get your products, how you meet your customer order, how you do your business during current worst economic crises world over.

Why you need to get to know us!

CILT Pakistan was established in 1976

CILT Pakistan was established in 1976

Historical Background

About CILT Pakistan

The Chartered Institute of Transport Pakistan (CIT – Pakistan) branch was established in 1976. It was renamed as the Charted Institute of Logistics and Transport Pakistan (CILT – Pakistan) in line with CILT-International. The President of Pakistan is the Patron in Chief of CILT Pakistan and Presidential Charter for functioning it in Pakistan was granted in 1994. 

In the year 1994 CILT-Pakistan has offices in all its major cities e.g. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. Currently it has more than 4500 members in its various grades from every sector of the logistics & transport industry and all Arms Forces. With the growth of logistics and transport sector activities and enhanced number of members in Pakistan it was declared as one of the CILT international “Territorial Organization” out of 11 territorial organizations formed in various parts of the world. CILT Pakistan is the only member country in the world to own complete infrastructure known as “CILT House” located in the heart of the city at 4500 sqyd area.


The principle objective of CILT (Pakistan) is to improve and encourage the talent development in the art and science of logistics and transport in Pakistan through its membership, education & training programs.

General Activities

The CILT (Pakistan) conducts one major event each year in the form of a Seminar / Conference at national and international level on a subject of transport or logistics. The Institute also arranges professional visits, lectures, annual dinners, social and cultural programs. Our members, their families and friend take part in international conventions, zoom meetings, webinars, study tours and family get together.

Recognized Globally

Recognized Globally

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