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Qualifications for Different Grades:


The applicant must be paid chartered membership for 10 years and must have top level management experience in the field of logistics and transport sector. Fellowship may also be awarded, in exceptional circumstance to individuals who have outstanding contributions or have attained prestigious awards in their field. The Chartered Fellows are entitled to use post-nominal of FCILT (UK) and allowed to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


The qualifications for Chartered Member (CMILT) are dependent upon both holding suitable education and professional qualifications together with experience and responsibilities at a senior level in logistics and transport sector. The Chartered Members are entitled to use post-nominal of CMILT (UK) and allowed to vote at the AGM.

MEMBER (MILT): Membership carrying post-nominal MILT is available to those YP who holds the international certificate in logistics and transport and have three years experience at supervisory and or junior middle management level. Membership is a stepping stone for those who want to go on to gain Chartered Membership.

AFFILIATE (AFT): Affiliate membership without a post nominal is available to all who have an interest in logistics and transport and similarly student affiliate is available for those who are or intend to study for professional qualifications.

Membership Registration fee + Two year subscription

How to Join CILT Pakistan.

- Download Membership form duly filled with black ink in block capital letters dispatch it to CILT Pakistan’s Official address.
- Updated CV (Including PA No Date of Commission and Regiment only for Armed Forces).
- Photocopy of Degrees / Qualifications.
- Photocopy of CNIC / NICOP.
- Two Colour photographs - 1" X 1"(In uniform for Armed forces officer only).

Contact About Registration

    Draft / Pay Order Drawn on CILT Bank Account:

    Account Title: " Chartered Institute of Logistics & TR "
    UBL Account IBAN No - PK52 UNIL 0112 0728 1009 4792

    You may deposit required amount ONLINE and WhatsApp deposit slip on CILT Official WhatsApp# +92 (304) 245 8884.

    Current Subscription Rate of fees

    The subscriptions rates are subject to modification from time to time and present subs and rates are as under:-
    Grade Registration Annual Subs Upgradation Fee

    NOTE: No Cash Transaction is allowed
    (Only online transactions, crossed cheque or pay order will be accepted)

    Get Involved:

    So you want to get involved? You want to help build our future together with yours? There are a number of ways we can work together.

    Join Us:

    If you are not already a member finds out how you can become one at

    Gain a qualification:

    To start your career in logistics and transport or supplement your industry knowledge and skills by focusing on Continues Professional Development. Learn with us through our international & local training programs & qualifications even with “Accreditation Partners”.

    (Only For Paid Members)

    Membership Benefits

    The Membership Benefits of CILT Members۔
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